Trademark of a business is its identity. Recent globalization has even make it more significant for businesses to adopt, popularize and protect brand names in the economies where they intend to sell their products or services in future. South Asia being the most populous part of the world has always been a target of multinational corporations. Years of advertising is finally paying off and people in this part of the world has finally trying to recognize and demand famous brands.

M&H provides services to its clients which cover all commercial areas concerning trademarks in the whole region. Ranked amongst the very best IP law firms of Pakistan, M&H has extensive experience of handling trademark related matters of all sorts.

An overview of services offered by M&H in this area is as under:

Counseling and Consultation

From the years of experience with the Trademark Registry of Pakistan and in depth knowledge of Pakistan Trademark law, we can foresee the fate of a trademark application to an extent. We advise our clients on the strength and weaknesses of their marks. If a mark is weak, we recommend steps to increase the possibility of its registration and enforcement.

Conducting Searches

Conducting a trademark search prior to filing of a trademark application is always recommended. Considering the costs and time involved in prosecuting oppositions and resolving legal disputes, it is always prudent to conduct a prior search so that proper strategy could be formulated in advance. Even otherwise, if a search comes clean it becomes a piece of evidence and also proves extremely helpful in overcoming many possible official objections.

Our firm handles both official and personal searches and renders opinions regarding search results.

Preparation and Prosecution

M&H has extensive experience in preparing and prosecuting trademark applications and every year hundreds of applications are filed and prosecuted by it.

Oppositions, Rectifications and Revocations

M&H has a stellar track record in prosecuting oppositions, rectifications and revocations. Our experience in litigation distinguishes us from regular IP law firms and most of the time we are able to get desired results from these proceedings.

Watch Services

We offer our clients watch services that include reporting of any infringing trademark published in the official Trade Marks Journal as well as reporting any infringing trademark used in the market.

Assignments and Licensing

M&H provide complete range of services in this regard, including structuring transactions, drafting/vetting the agreements and getting the same registered with concerned authorities.


We file a large number of renewals every year. We will keep your registration valid as long as you want it to remain in force.

Portfolio Management

M&H is among very few law firms in Pakistan having experience of managing entire portfolio of trademarks of its clients. M&H has a privilege to have successfully handled trademark portfolios of several clients over the years to their entire satisfaction. M&H is, inter alia, handling a portfolio consisting of more than 400 marks for many years to the entire satisfaction of its client.


IP Department of M&H has full-fledged and experienced litigation wing that handles cases from trial to appellate courts. Mr. Meer, the founder member of M&H, is a renowned lawyer of Pakistan and personally conducts / supervises the IP related litigation. No other IP law firm in Pakistan can claim to have a more experienced litigation wing. M&H has an impressive success rate in IP related cases.

Trade Mark - Forms

  1. Form TM-48 (Form Of Authorization Of Agent) (Please find enclosed this form as attachment)
  2. Form TM-1 (Application Form) (Please find enclosed this form as attachment)

Note: For assignment no special Form is required but this agreement should be NOTARIZED.

Filing Requirements

Filing Requirements for Registration of Trademark for Goods or Services and Domain Name:

  • Full name, description, business address and nationality of the applicant.
  • 15 (Fifteen) prints or labels of trademark, / domain name or logo etc.
  • Trading style, if any.
  • Specification of goods or services. (Only goods and services included in one and the same class should be specified).
  • International classification of goods and services (1 to 45).
  • Colours claimed (if any).
  • To claim a convention priority, please forward the following:

Application number, filing date in the first convention country. (b) Certified copy of the priority documents. Note I: Priority can be claimed within six months from the date of first convention application. Note II: Priority documents can be filed within three months from the filing of convention priority application in Pakistan.

If the application is for a series of marks, please indicate how many marks are in the series (must be more than two).

The first date of use of mark in Pakistan, if any, or statement that mark is proposed to be used. (If used in Pakistan, please provide proof thereof by way of affidavit, publicity material, sale figures etc. which may be filed later).

Form of Authorization (Form TM-48) duly signed by the applicant and NOTARIZED. (Form of Authorization may be filed later).

Language: English.

If the word is in a language other than English, Urdu or regional Pakistani languages, its translation and transliteration in the form of an affidavit (which may be filed later).


The first term for registration of a trademark is 10 years from its date of application and may be renewed for unlimited terms of 10 years each.